Thank you Columbia for your continued support!

Thank you Columbia for your continued support!

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The Team

  • Tatianna Cureton

    Tatianna Cureton

    Tatianna CuretonCommunity Health Specialist

  • Tessie Hayward

    Tessie Hayward

    Tessie HaywardSAMHSA Program Coordinator

  • Isaac Fredrick

    Isaac "Fred" Fredrick

    Isaac FredrickACA | Benefits Navigator

  • Beverly James

    Beverly James

    Beverly JamesHuman Resources Liaison / Bookkeeper

  • Cynthia Howell

    Cynthia Howell

    Cynthia HowellDirector of Finance

  • Shernell Sells

    Shernell Sells

    Shernell SellsCommunity Health Specialist II

  • Vivian Armstead

    Vivian Armstead

    Vivian ArmsteadCommunity Health Specialist II & CDC HIV/STD Program Coordinator

  • Francis LaMont Adams

    Francis LaMont Adams

    Francis LaMont AdamsCommunity Health Specialist II & Mobile Unit Supervisor

  • Kialeah Sumpter

    Kialeah Sumpter

    Kialeah SumpterMedical Case Management & Linkage Coordination

  • Noma Mgutshini

    Noma Mgutshini

    Noma MgutshiniData Manager

  • Chestley Price

    Chestley Price

    Chestley PriceCommunity Health Specialist II & CDC YMSM Program Coordinator

  • Michael Robertson

    Michael Robertson

    Michael RobertsonCommunity Health Specialist II

  • Rhonda Thomas

    Rhonda Thomas

    Rhonda ThomasRyan White Medical Case Management

  • V. Amber Hasben

    V. Amber Hasben

    V. Amber HasbenOffice Manager

  • Linda Scipio

    Linda Scipio

    Linda ScipioSenior Community Health Specialist

  • Brandon Allen

    Brandon Allen

    Brandon AllenCommunity Health Specialist/Peer Health Advocate

Board of Directors


The more you know the less likely you are to get infected.

Our best weapon against the spread of HIV/AIDS is an informed community. Through education, we’re working to reduce the number of new cases while improving the quality of life for those who are already infected. Through education we can change attitudes and behaviors because it isn’t enough to treat those infected with HIV/AIDS, we must also work to reduce the number of those infected. Knowledge is truly power in the battle to decrease the spread of HIV/AIDS. It is all about what you know.


We’re working on putting ourselves out of work – our focus is prevention.

Although more and more people today are living with HIV/AIDS. While that is good news, our goal is to insure that less people are infected with the virus entirely. By creating strategies that increase awareness we can decrease the number of new case of HIV/AIDS. This requires reviewing existing conditions, mobilizing community efforts and creating prevention and outreach programs that work. Prevention and education go hand-in-hand in helping to reduce the number of new cases of HIV/AIDS while helping to improve the lives of those impacted by the virus.


A statewide issue requires a statewide response. The impact of HIV/AIDS on the state is not confined to those infected.

It is time for a change. Although attitudes and beliefs towards those who are affected with the HIV/AIDS virus are changing, it is time for this shift in thinking to be reflected in how our government addresses the spread of the disease through policies and budgets. No community is untouched by the high number of HIV/AIDS case, some communities may not be as affected as others by the outbreak of the virus, every community in the state feels it impact – the cost of treating those infected is a strain on the state’s entire health care system.

Support the South Carolina HIV/AIDS Council.

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