Our Vision...

Create a well-informed South Carolina with no sexual or other health disparities.

Our Mission...

To develop and implement strategies that reduce the rate of HIV, STIs or other health disparities.


Our best weapon against the spread of HIV/AIDS is an informed community. Through education, we’re working to reduce the number of new cases while improving the quality of life for those who are already infected. Through education we change attitudes and behaviors because it isn’t enough to treat those infected with HIV/AIDS; we must also work to reduce the number of those infected. Knowledge truly is power in the battle to decrease the spread of HIV/AIDS. It is all about what you know.


HIV/AIDS are more manageable now than ever before. While that is good news, our goal is to ensure fewer people are infected with the virus entirely. By creating strategies which increase awareness, we can decrease the number of new cases of HIV/AIDS. This requires reviewing existing conditions, mobilizing community efforts, and creating prevention and outreach programs that work. Prevention and education go hand-in-hand in helping to reduce the number of new cases of HIV/AIDS while helping to improve the lives of those impacted by the virus.


It is time for a change. Although attitudes and beliefs towards those who are affected with the HIV/AIDS virus are changing, it is time for this shift in thinking to be reflected in how our government addresses the spread of this disease through policies =and budgets. No community is untouched by the high number of HIV/AIDS cases. Although some communities may not be as affected as others by the outbreak of the virus, every community in the state feels its impact.